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What Is Tong Il Lo? 

Originally, Tong Il Lo began as the children’s self-defense program, titled the “Hot Shots Anti-Kidnapping / Safety Awareness Program” in 1994.

Designed to teach children, ages 4 to 17 years old, the values of personal protection techniques and safety awareness, as well as, good family values, this award winning program has evolved into an actual martial art discipline which promotes leadership training, physical fitness, competitive spirit, self-discipline, and scholastic achievement.

Throughout its time, it has recruited the interest from thousands of participants, not only youth, but adults as well. In fact, with the request from the kid’s parents, we developed an adult version of Hot Shots, which focused on self-defense and the psychology of winning against an attack, called “Survivors Anti-Assault / Self-Empowerment.”

Today, with the leadership skills from the Senior Founder of Tong Il Lo Martial Science, Grandmaster William McDonald, Master Jeremy Wolfgang, and many other dynamic black belt instructors make this a fun and educational martial art system that is ranked with the highest of standards. Tong Il Lo offers a extraordinary blend of martial art disciplines for the most effective and practical self-defense purposes.

80% of our system is based on “real street” self-defense and the other 20% enforces self-empowerment methods (to master success rates in one’s everyday life) & safety strategy information (helping the students on subjects not only dealing with stranger-danger awareness, but also bullying, gang alertness, rape prevention, and substance abuse). In addition to this, leadership skills are developed in our students through assisting and teaching classes with their primary instructor. This helps build the student’s self-esteem and self-discipline, as well as, keeps their memory skills sharp and their techniques fine-tuned. This system is not only known for its top quality self-defense instruction. Tong Il Lo was proclaimed as “Outstanding Martial Art System”, by the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2004.

In addition, it has attributed international recognition by several world organizations and prestigious individuals for which Tong Il Lo has contributed donations for charitable causes. Such recognitions range from the Global Conservation Awareness Program, Rainforest Alliance Network, Kick Drugs Out of America, Soldiers’ Angels, American Red Cross, and many others. It is through contributions that we instill, to our students, the value of giving to those who are in need.

Without a doubt, this award winning program is one of the most respected martial art systems of our time. Indeed, Tong Il Lo Martial Science is designed to take anyone to a higher level of leadership, self-confidence, discipline, and martial art education.

Join us and make our system your system, and a way of life.

The Foundation of Tong Il Lo

Grandmaster William McDonald and the late Chief Instructor Gilbert Narváez created this newly recognized martial art system in 1994, by blending many of the elements from the disciplines of Tae Kwon-Do, Kenpo Karate, Muay Thai, Aikido, and Jujitsu.  Through this merging, Tong Il Lo (Path to Unity), was coined. 


Tong Il Lo came to be from the combined physical experiences that each co-founder had throughout their lives.  Prior to the existence of this award winning discipline, both took note that whenever they were forced to use their skills, in a real line of self-defense, that they never separated their martial abilities from all the disciplines they studied.  Instead, all of their acquired skills were merged together, and were used accordingly to adapt to the situation at hand.

Thus, with over 65 years of combined martial arts experience, Grandmaster McDonald and Chief Instructor Narváez came to an agreement: that learning one system of self-defense at a time would limit techniques used by the practitioner in aggressive street situations.  However, by blending the special qualities of each style, a Tong Il Lo student is given an unlimited range of techniques with which to defend against adversaries. 

The carefully balanced techniques drawn from its lineage do not require the practitioner to fit Tong Il Lo, but allow Tong Il Lo to be adapted to the student.  All the techniques in Tong Il Lo can be altered to meet each person’s physical and mental capabilities.  This flexibility allows for progression by virtually anyone within this uniquely devised martial art form.

Each one of the five disciplines specializes in a particular area of defense…


 Tae Kwon-Do
Specializes in using an array of dynamic kicking abilities and emphasizes explosive power in its’ techniques.

 Kenpo Karate 
Details a wide range of hand techniques by the use of fluid close-quarter combat movements.

 Muay Thai 
Teaches techniques to increase endurance & stamina by conditioning the body.

Neutralizes an aggressor by redirecting the attacker’s energy-in-motion through the use of throws & proper footwork.

Manipulates an adversary’s attack by mastering a wide range of joint locks & ground fighting techniques.


It is the desire of both Grandmaster McDonald and Mr. Narváez that the serious students of Tong Il Lo understand that mastery of these techniques can only be done through the supervised instruction received in a classroom, coupled with continuous practice on a regular basis.  In the classroom, students can attain a sense of achievement and self-confidence through the promotion of self-defense, scholastic achievement, physical fitness, self-discipline, competitive spirit, and self-esteem.


Tong Il Lo Martial Science is home to the Hot Shots Self Defense / Anti-Kidnapping Program, and the Survivors Self-Defense / Self Empowerment Program. This website is meant to be a source of information for anyone who may be interested in this amazing martial arts program, or who may already be a member of one of our many class locations! Here you will find program resources, as well as additional information about one of the newest forms of martial arts devised.

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